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Birthday Anima Pants

I’ve had the Anima Pants pattern in my catalogue for quite sometime now and although I love it, I’ve only ever made it up once in grey knit fabric. And let me tell you they are on high rotation.  I literally put them every night when I get home from work during winter.  They’ve come with me on a camping trip to the Coorong, and have made many a debut at the supermarket.  I’ve always meant to make up a couple more pairs for myself but just never quite got around to it. Mainly because I have agonised over the fabric selection.  For some reason I am so indecisive about the right fabric for this pattern.


With my sister’s birthday looming, I thought, why not get back in the Anima groove and make her a pair as a gift? Without over-thinking it too much, I grabbed some black and white tribal rayon during the last Spotlight sale, and set to work.  I had made my grey stretch ones in a size S.  Lisa is slimmer than me so I thought about cutting an XS, but since I was using a less stretchy fabric (I was surprised to find the rayon had a fair amount of give in it, but only in one direction), I thought the small would probably be about right, and it was.  I chose not to use a contrast fabric for the band, and being frugal as I am I managed to squeeze the whole pattern out of 1.3m of 125cm wide fabric, including pockets.  There was literally not a thread to spare!


The only mods I made to the pattern were to leave off the leg cuffs, and lengthen the leg accordingly. Being non-stretch, I couldn’t think how to accommodate the tight cuffs so I just opted for a simple turn-under hem.  I lengthened the leg by slashing the pattern at the knee and adding 2 inches. I really wasn’t sure how well this modification would work, but it looks like it was meant to be!  Considering I didn’t have the opportunity to do a fitting at any point in the process, I can’t believe how great they look!  After stewing so much about fabric choice previously, I think this choice is spot on.  Kinda wish they were mine!


I ambitiously wanted to make Lis a white Papercut Flutter blouse to go with the pants (which I think would look gorge-wah), but ran out of time.  So accepting my time limitations, I just headed to K-mart and matched a simple top, so that I could give her a full new outfit!  I would have been happy to receive it, and I admit that I feel a smidge of pride when she wears them.  Apart from making kids clothes, this is the first adult item that I’ve ever made for someone other than myself! And she actually wears them (like, to school pick up & stuff!).


So now, I’m back on the Anima-wagon.  My next pair are already on the go……

Garment Cost: Fabric $18.20 Notions $5

Pattern Cost per make: Technically $12.50 (time to fess up – a friend and I bought a pattern each & swapped/traced each others)


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