Another Ilsley Skirt


So, the dearth of blog posts in the past couple of months does not equate to a lack of sewing. Rather, its due to spending too much time buying fabric for my stash & promptly using it up!  Ok so there’s been plenty of other stuff going on too, but a bit over a month ago I took a trip back to Melbourne where I went a bit nuts in the fabric shops that I have been yearning to visit! I headed to Rathdowne Fabrics and Remnants & picked up a swag of knits and denims. $100 bought me about 4kg of quality fabric! On my way to the airport I scheduled in a detour to The Fabric Store in Brunswick Street.  How I love the Fabric Store!  It used to be my go-to when I lived in Melbs, and this recent visit confirmed why it was one of my fave places to pick up fabric. They have merino for days, and so many other gorgeous rolls of delight that I could have spent hours in there toughing and feeling.

Anyhoo, I will get to all the stash-busting over the next few blog posts, but the topic of this one is another Ilsley skirt.  I really like the shape of this skirt & had been wanting to make a denim version since my first attempt here.  I went with a mid-weight stretch denim fabric with a diamond self-pattern.  This was not one of my Melbourne purchases, I actually bought the denim from Ferrier’s Fabric on Fullarton Rd (they don’t have a proper website, only a facebook page). The denim is an almost-perfect match for the Ilsley pattern, and I only say almost, because the diamond pattern was pretty difficult to match up on the side seams.  I’ll be honest, I did try, however I had exactly 1 metre of fabric and very little room to mess around with pattern matching.


Aside from that, it’s just the right weight & stretch for this type of skirt.  As you can see from the above picture, I reversed the fabric for the pocket facing – it just adds a bit of variation to the skirt.  I’ve been able to wear it in a summery style with t-shirts and sandals/thongs, but when I was making it I had winter in mind….boots, skivvy, tights & denim skirt.  So I’m hoping to get a whole lot more wear out of this one yet.

Size-wise, I dropped down from the previous make as it was huge.  This make I went with a 3 front and 4 back.  Even still, it is a tiny bit baggy below the elastic waist line after I’ve worn it for a few hours.  Not enough to be concerned about though.  I made the front piece a couple of centimetres shorter than the back – hard to see in the photos-  but this could be more pronounced if I made it again. Also, I would probably shorten the whole skirt next time.  Show a little bit more leg!


Apologies for the average photography…I’m relying on my 7 year old to be chief photographer at the moment 🙂

Garment Cost: Fabric $17;  Notions $5 + $22

Pattern Cost per make:  $0! Ilsley skirt now made up twice. Doing well for a free pattern!!



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