I live in sleepy old Adelaide, South Australia.  I grew up here, but moved away when I finished uni.  I lived in Sydney for 18 months, and Melbourne for 18 months.  My hubby (then boyfriend) and I lived in Dublin for a year and finally resettled in Melbourne where we stayed for the next 12 years.  It became our home.  But family ties were calling, and in mid 2014, we made the decision to move ‘back home’ to Adelaide.

Aside from taking care of my little family and sewing, I spend lots of time drooling over Pinterest, dreaming about my some-day home, my make-believe wardrobe and the restaurant-worthy meals that I wish I could be bothered making. I’m a visual person and love beautiful things…I can’t get enough of home interiors, clothes, furniture, architecture, photography.  I love to travel, but have only managed one holiday (sans-children) to Bali in the last 12 months.


We are a camping family, so we do a pilgrimage to a new campsite with special friends every easter, and my husband tries to ‘go bush’ with our eldest son Finlay as often as life allows.    We have 2 boys, Finlay is 7 and Reuben 6 months.  I’m a member of an investment community, so I spend a reasonable amount of time reading up and learning about all things financial, and trying to manage our financial future.  When I’m at work, I think of myself as a commercial generalist. I can turn my hand to accounting and finance, business analysis, performance improvement, project management and any mash-up thereof.

But what I really love is sewing, and that’s what we’re here for so I’ll try to stick to that main topic for the time-being anyway. I started out by taking some classes, but other than that I’m pretty much self-taught, as I guess so many of us home-sewers are.  I used to dabble and make lots of kids clothes. Then I started messing around with copying existing pieces of clothing in my wardrobe, but this usually ended up in a sorry mess at the bottom of my wardrobe. I eventually learnt the lesson that using a pattern was going to yield a better result with a higher probability of the garment actually being worn, compared to my self-drafted failures. So that’s what I do these days, while trying to push my own skill level a bit more each time.

I have a thing for multi-use patterns, so I do look for patterns than can be made up in a couple of different variations.  I guess I have a bit of a thrifty side because I’m also a little bit obsessed by the cost analysis of my me-made items.  You’ll notice me tallying up the cost of my garment, and noting my ‘cost-per-make’ for each pattern at the end of my blog posts!

I hope you enjoy reading.



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